International Harvester Co.

Manufacturer: IHC

Condition: Fair

Model: M1 Garand

Action/Type: Semi-Auto Rifle

Calibre: 30-06

Sight: Adjustable

Trigger Weight: 5 lbs

Magazine: 8 rounds

Magazine Type: Double stack

Serial Number: 5134636 - Indicates latest model towards end of production (Oct 1954 - EOP 1956)

-Receiver: Substantial pitting under wood line, indicates moisture in the wood at some point.

-Barrel: Severely pitted outside barrel chamber under rear handguard. VERY UNSAFE, along with unsafe headspace. Will not test fire. Recommend replacing barrel to be safe to test fire.

-Gas Cylinder: Worn out.

-Op Rod: Fairly pitted, worn out.

-Trigger Housing: Very pitted under wood line. Poor fit in wood.

-Stock: Wood is matching, but very damaged with numerous dings and dents. No cartouches

-Mixture of different finishes on the metal. Some are parkerized, some are blued.

-Preliminary inspection shows all matching IHC parts except for the rear sights and gas cylinder lock screw.

-Missing it's sling.

$1,100 plus tax and shipping.

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