Federally Licensed

In 1995, Vulcan Gun Refinishing started as a small,
one man operation dedicated to the proper restoration of vintage military weapons of the 20th century. It is now a small operation consisting of a select group of experts led by the Master Refinisher Nick Kaikkonen.

Message from Nick:

"I, like you, wanted my weapons to be as nice as possible without having to remortgage the house in order to buy that mint, unfired, perfect specimen. That meant restoring it, or having it restored by someone, other than me. After contacting a few gun shops, I quickly realized that not only there wasn't anyone exclusively repairing and rebuilding these classic guns, they didn't have a clue how to do it properly. Authentically.

Being someone who isn't easily discouraged, I went about educating myself with all available data that I could find, and decided that with some time, money and effort, I would undertake the challenge of learning this rather complicated business in order to at least be able to make my own collection noteworthy.

I soon realized all of the related, and sometimes necessary, skills such as machining, welding, metallurgy, heat treating, engraving, chemistry and woodworking were going to be needed.

Having been trained and licensed as an autobody repairman since 1977, I was already experienced in not only welding, but had the basic understanding of metallurgy and maybe most important, I understood fine finishes. I knew what people's eyes were drawn to. I understood about minute imperfections that flawed otherwise perfect surfaces. I was trained to have an eye for detail. I also learned the most important thing about any restoration, of any object:

I learned PATIENCE.

I carry these same skills, mindset and attitudes into the realm of gun refinishing. It's who I am now.

No matter how complex the restoration, how severe the damage, or how meticulous or detailed the repair must be, I meet the challenge with enthusiasm.

Located just 20 miles from Detroit, this area is a Mecca for Technology. I'm backed up by a hand picked team of like-minded professionals who are the Who's Who of the tool, die and mould industries, which just happens to be manned by those very same craftsmen that I mentioned earlier. Tig welders, laser engravers, metallurgists, machinists, you name it. I can either do it, or have it done properly.

Maybe your prized Garand or 1911 or '03 Springfield just needs a simple parkerizing job. That's certainly not a problem. Maybe your WWI Colt .45 needs a reblue. I can duplicate virtually any original military finish, whether it's manganese, zinc phosphate or black oxide. Dull or high polish finish, it doesn't matter. I can accurately refinish it.

Maybe you've found a rare, 1941 Garand with all proper early parts but it was left in the rafters where it donned a coat of surface rust, complete with pits. Once again, no problem. Or that beautiful 1917 Enfield that Bubba decided to mill for that scope, no problem. I can make it look new.

Whether it's a touch-up or a complete rebuild, Vulcan Gun Refinishing can meet your requirements.

Re-barreling, headspacing, wood refinishing, even leather conditioning are everyday things here.

Feel free to check out Youtube for some videos of past projects.

You can always expect a quick turnaround time and fair prices.

I can and will deliver whatever level of expertise you want. Guaranteed. Many references and reviews are available.

Come inside, look around.

Thanks for considering me to do this work for you."

Nick Kaikkonen 
Vulcan Gun Refinishing