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I have been a U.S. Army enthusiast since I was a little kid, watching John Wayne battle the Rising Sun and the Third Reich. 

I've never outgrown my fascination with not only the U.S. Military, but WWII as well.

Over the past 40 years I have collected a sizeable amount of unused, unissued, pristine gear, from not only the U.S. ARMY but also the AAF and U.S.M.C.

From WWI through Vietnam, I have put together a collection of field gear that would rival any, regardless of location. Seems strange to go to Canada to see a U.S. Military field gear collection but nonetheless, you'll be amazed.

I have always strived to collect only the best and rarest. I have many unique "one of a kind" items in my personal collection for your viewing pleasure.

I also have multiples of all of the popular pieces of gear, FOR SALE. 90% of everything is unissued. ALL ORIGINAL.

Some examples would be:

  •  M43, M51, and M65 field jackets and trousers. Many unworn, some w/cutter's tags. 
  •  Shirts of all types, inc. WWI pullover types. 
  •  HBT clothing and caps.  
  •  Leggings. 
  •  Deck jackets & pants. 
  •  Flight jackets & pants. 
  •  M1910 and 28 haversacks, pack tails, and meat can pouches. 
  •  M1943 jungle packs. 
  •  M1944 and 45 combat and cargo packs. 
  •  M1956 and 61 buttpacks. 
  •  Cartridge belts. 
  •  Pistol belts. 
  •  Combat boots, M1943 double buckle type, Vietnam jungle type. 
  •  Shovel covers. 
  •  Canteen covers. 
  •  Hatchet covers. 
  •  Carlisle pouches & Bandages. 
  •  Machete scabbards. 
  •  Ammo pouches. All types. 
  •  Combat suspenders. All types. 
  •  Misc. pouches of various types. 
  •  Shaving kits. All types. 
  •  Unopened rations most eras. 
  •  Unopened cigarettes and smoking tobacco. Most "tax free" military issued. Some "Sea Stores". 
  •  Squad stoves. All types. 
  •  Tents and shelter halves. 
  •  Snake bite kits, sewing kits, first aid kits, fishing kits.

This is just a sampling of what I have. There's much more.

Please enquire for specific items, condition and price.

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