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Just as important for the original and proper look of a weapon,
is the wood.

If the stock and related "furniture" don't look good, it brings down the whole value and appreciation of the gun. Even if all of the gun's exterior finish is perfect, a dirty, damaged, and worn stock sticks out like a sore thumb.

Over the years I have developed my own unique method of cleaning and restoring tired old wood. I can get the most filthy, greasy, stocks so clean that they look virtually brand new. I draw all of the oil and grease out, leaving nice dry wood, ready for any gluing, filling, staining and final oiling.

I use pure 100% Tung Oil as my stock finish. It dries quite hard, not like Linseed oil, that always seems to be a little sticky or gummy. Even the U.S. ARMY switched to Tung Oil in '43.

I have developed my own colour of stain as well, duplicating that "old growth" Walnut look.

I can also "age" newly made reproduction stocks to look like new, but unused WWII ones.

Why just refinish all of the gun's metal when the beauty of that wood (isn't that one of the reasons why we like older guns?) needs to be accentuated as well?


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